Where to Buy Authentic Medieval Clothing?

My mother told me that one day she would buy a Viking woolen cape with raccoon fur. Magnificent and severe, this medieval wool cloak of a true Valkyrie is feminine and untamable. The thick fabric protects against wind and cold, and gives the female figure such a majestic contour that a girl wearing this woolen Viking cape would like to sing in the sagas. This medieval shoulder cape can be made in any color you prefer, although intense moiré green is perfect.If you're looking for authentic medieval, Renaissance clothing, or something bright like landsknecht clothing, you're in the right place.

When he heard noises in the bushes, he crouched under a tree and wrapped himself in his long medieval robe made of thick soundproof fabric with a pleasant soft lining. Learning the art of sewing, we have created a lot of festive medieval style outfits and casual wear for ourselves and our loved ones.During the cold season, representatives of all classes and regions of medieval Europe wore capes and capes, medieval winter clothing. One day, a beautiful young girl in a long medieval winter's cloak was walking through the woods to her grandmother's house. Companions became fashionable in Burgundy in the early 15th century and soon after spread throughout medieval Europe.

Belts with different supports, as well as cast buckles and sets of cast belts for fans are essential elements of any real medieval clothing.Landsknecht hat with ties Despite its apparent simplicity, this Landsknecht hat is one of the most interesting models. Just look at these beautiful decorative lacing ties on the wings, which show them among others and, paradoxically, make the user look more severe. Although bows were rarely an adornment of Landsknecht's hats, these little boys originally wore them even for that purpose. Unlike most of the landsknechts' hats, this one has rather small wings and not all lucky soldiers could afford to be so decent, oddly enough.

This hat is the choice of sophisticated fighters with a wise head and hair, gray with age.Medieval clothing is a gateway to the fairytale for adults. The long dress or the chaste jacket allows you to look like a charming princess or an honorable thief again. However, if we consider a long dress or a costume similar to the one we have seen in a film about gentlemen, adult life will allow us to choose medieval clothes that really match our look if your soul wants to immerse itself in the fairytale.The next elements of clothing are chausses and pants. Here we can think of one of the most interesting paradoxes in men's clothing: the amnesia of pants.

In the early Middle Ages, men wore pants in all regions of Northern, Central and Southern Europe. But they are forgotten in the tenth century. Hats for men and women in medieval Europe were very varied: there weren't many parts of the costume that changed so much.When it comes to men, hoodies and companions, Tyrolean hats, berets and hats with wide lapels replaced tight-fitting Viking and Eastern European caps. The ladies started with scarves and arrived at companions, hoodies and Tyrolean hats.

Then there were the hennins, the snoods and the hair nets, and the most quirky and complicated hats that lovers of medieval fashion could imagine.I bought this belt and couldn't be more satisfied with it. It's exactly as shown in the picture, and the castings are second to none. It's an incredible bargain at that price, and I love it. I plan to order many more in the near future now that I see an example of your work.Dear connoisseurs of medieval clothing, I will try to make it easier for you to find the right section.

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