Is Medieval Dynasty Still Being Developed?

The developers of Render Cube have recently released an update to the Steam blog about their game, Medieval Dynasty. This update includes the highly requested feature of playing the game from a third-person perspective. Medieval Dynasty was released on the same day as Xbox Game Pass, and is now available to Game Pass subscribers. The developer, Render Cube, and publisher Toplitz Productions have also released a roadmap for their medieval survival simulator and settlement creator.

In the coming months, players can expect to see a variety of birds join the fauna of Medieval Dynasty, as well as more animals to hunt, tame, and adopt. Additionally, the game will be optimized for Xbox Series X and S. Before the end of the current update cycle, Render Cube will be releasing a cooperative mode for Medieval Dynasty. This mode will allow players to admire their chosen outfit and better focus on this harsh medieval world.

Windmills are also planned for Medieval Dynasty; once built, they will be an economically powerful resource. The game is available in 17 languages, including Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Players can complete missions, travel the vast universe, and ensure the survival of a dynasty set in medieval Europe. Together with Toplitz Productions, Render Cube is hard at work on their most ambitious project to date: Medieval Dynasty.

After its early access release, it quickly became a huge commercial and critical success. With Farmer's Dynasty and Lumberjack's Dynasty now available, and Wild West Dynasty coming soon, the future looks promising for Medieval Dynasty.

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