A Glimpse into Medieval Clothing: How Did People Dress in the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages were a period of great change and development in Europe, and clothing was no exception. From the Anglo-Saxons to the Normans, the British to the Church, clothing in medieval times varied greatly depending on who you were and what class you belonged to. Wool was the most common fabric used for clothing, but linen, hemp, and silk were also available. People would often dye their fabrics with expensive imported dyes.

Clothes were filled to clean and thicken the fabric, and tunics were worn over tights or tight pants for men and long dresses for women. The Church had a great influence on what people wore, as did the government, who established rules about who could wear what and when they could wear it. In this article, we will explore how people made clothing in medieval times and what they wore.

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